Decompression party: Event Production Manager

Alice is a fantastic event producer, her experience and professionalism helped us to really improve how we ran the event this year.

– David Bradshaw, Board Director

London Decompression is an annual event that celebrates and reconnects the Burning Man and Nowhere festival communities, uniting talented individuals and groups who work collectively to produce the event.

The event is all about self-expression and participation. From cabaret to dance floors, chill out spaces to interactive audio-visual stages, live bands, off stage performance and interactive sculptures, this is a multi-roomed indoor festival for over 2000 revellers.

This event requires tenacity, diligence and creativity to successfully coordinate hundreds of volunteers, bringing together contractors and a plethora of performers, creative practitioners, purveyors and artists to showcase their experimental talent. Each year this event grows and evolves, made possible by the diverse and dedicated individuals who co-create it. See the production here

(Photo: Jason Moon, Suck My Rock)