Red Bull: Creative Project Manager

Alice managed the install of lighting trusses and branding pieces which have been a complete game-changer regarding the quality of the content we’re able to create here.

– Brendon Harding, Red Bull Studios Manager

Red Bull Studios is a hub of creativity and education, winning critical acclaim and industry recognition while introducing Red Bull through innovative channels to a young, urban audience. With new branding being rolled out internationally and the need to create high-quality media output, I was asked to come up with solutions for a new branding strategy and studio lighting.

Identifying key placement opportunities, I commissioned innovative, bespoke and integrated items such as illuminated signage that would be visible in all photography and video content captured. I filmed and photographed studio sessions to identify best placement and worked closely with a studio design company to design and install a high quality and flexible ceiling lighting rig. The ceiling truss has given DOP’s and external production companies total freedom to experiment with lighting in such a small space.

Since the installation, Red Bull has been able to produce high quality content in partnership with MTV, Boiler Room and most recently Channel 4, for the annual series of ‘Launched’ hosted by Annie Mac to showcase new and aspiring musical talent.