Nowhere festival: Event Producer

Alice is a pleasure to work with, a fantastically well organised and confident production manager and great communicator who juggles busy complex projects exceptionally well.

– Joanna Hedges, Board Director

The European younger sibling of the Nevada Desert’s Burning Man, Nowhere is unlike any other festival. It’s an experiment in creative freedom, participation and cash-free community in the middle of the Spanish desert. Following the same “self-expression, self-reliance, no commerce, leave no trace” philosophy, this is a wild party with a purpose, with art at its heart.

Located in a 40+ degrees dust bowl, the Spanish playa is a harsh environment that sees extreme weather conditions. Those first onsite begin by building their own kitchen and toilets and production management bubbles out from the only air-conditioned onsite cabin over the course of a month.

This event required meticulous advance logistical planning, careful live event production and seamless post event coordination. As Event Producer, I oversaw the whole festival production, handling crises in emergency weather situations and consequently created an extensive library of production documents that previously didn’t exist, allowing this event to grow safely and sustainably in future years. See how it goes down on the Spanish playa here

Nowhere has been rated in the top 10 places to visit by Rough Guide and The Guardian’s Top 40 great things to do.

(Photo: Stefan Klenke, Dario Battini, Alice Peperell)