Morning Glory Experiences: Global Events Manager


When Alice is looking after something, you know it’ll be fine. She is the best operations wizard our team have come across and I highly recommend her to all

– Sam Moyo, Founder

Planted as a small seed in London one midweek morning in May 2013, Morning Gloryville and Morning Glory Experiences grew to be an international movement operating in 10 countries across 4 continents within one year. The original sober morning rave has since become a global community of events that empower people with inspirational, energising music, massage, organic coffee and smoothie bars, yoga and performance.

After a year gathering momentum in London with 800+ monthly attendees, the concept rapidly sparked worldwide mass-interest. Developing and executing a 6-month global launch programme in 14 cities, project directing 20+ event managers to successfully launch and sustain monthly brand-led events, I helped to transform the small start up into a global brand and franchise, winning the company huge PR value (4 billion views of Morning Gloryville articles since 2013).

Heading up the global events team and overseeing UK owned events and festival activation including Edinburgh Fringe and Bestival Festival, Morning Glory Experiences has become the world leader in early morning lifestyle, dance and fitness events. . Check it out here

(Photos: Marc Sethi, Carys Lavin, Alice Peperell)

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